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Building Church

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One of the jobs I have whilst working for my local church is to create and implement systems to help the church function, maintain its health and grow. This includes things like creating ‘pathways’ to help new people connect with our church: a website that looks good and contains relevant information for visitors, training and […]

Shifting Towards Healthy Church


One of the roles I have within my church is to create systems that will help the church to function better. One of these areas is church growth. The growth of my church has been on my heart for some time now and the implementation of some systems to help facilitate this were badly needed. […]

The Key to Christian Leadership Success

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Learning Leadership When it comes to learning about leadership, I get quite excited. Not only because it is something I see God clearly moving me towards an ever deeper expression of in my own life, but because it is part of me becoming more like Jesus. Following his leading and direction for me in what […]

Christmas Sparkle

Christmas Sparkle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas The shops are playing Christmas music. Trees decorated; tinsel sparking. Everywhere I go there is a faint jingling of bells, the waft of warm mince pies, people dressed up in jolly red outfits and fake white beards (that scare my one-and-a-half year old daughter to death) and […]

Leading Well Behind The Scenes


Leadership and church systems are an important part of your ministry. A Well-Oiled Machine? You may have heard the saying sometimes used to describe successful businesses and churches as a ‘well oiled machine’. The question I want to ask is: What would happen if there is no oil? The machine may look great from the […]

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