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Together in Christ – Matt McChlery


  • I was invited to visit Wisbech Grammar School on Tuesday. I spoke in the Year 4 Class in their Religious Education lesson. They are learning about ‘Religions in Our Community’ and I went to tell them about the church I am part of and work for – The King’s Church, Wisbech. We explored the idea

  • Here is a video of a sermon I preached a couple of weeks ago. It is the first part of a 3-sermon series about Mary of Bethany and what we can learn from her about waiting upon the Lord and enjoying his presence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0-AJ9F_DJs Listen to more sermons… Sermon: The Psalms in Trouble Sermon: Warning!

  • A weekly podcast that explores the biblical themes behind worship songs in a devotional format. This week we look at 2 Corinthians 13:14 and explore saying ‘the grace’. We also have the song ‘The Grace’ to engage with at the end of the podcast.


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    ‘Cling to You’ is a song of lament. Written to be sung during times in life when there seems to be no answers, when things appear to be at their darkest, when there seems to be no escape – there is hope in Jesus! This song appears on the album ‘Fly’. Please feel free to

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    This is a simple song that praises and magnifies God. It speaks of his majesty and sovereignty as well as him being the creator. The end of the chorus extends this praise to Jesus – who is fully God yet fully man – as he is Emmanuel, God with us. Please feel free to sing

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    This is a reworking of the old traditional Christmas carol ‘As with gladness men of old’. Some of the original verses have been tweaked a bit (or omitted) and it comes with an arrangement that works well for a worship band rather than an organist – so should hopefully fit in well within a modern


  • Last week we explored the theme of waiting upon the Lord and enjoying his presence. It was a good service and many were touched. It was made more special by the willingness of the leaders and congregation to respond to The Word and ‘wait’ upon the Lord during the sung worship. This is what we

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    This song was written during a time on transition and uncertainty in my local church. It reflects this season and was used effectively during that time in corporate worship. It lends itself to working well within any uncertain situation where we need to remind ourselves that God is in control and we are called to

  • On Sunday I was leading the time of singing at church, which means I also get to choose the set-list! The sermon was based on the Psalms and focused around the theme of having the freedom to express our emotions to God in times of trouble, seeking his face in the midst of the storm