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Together in Christ – Matt McChlery


  • https://youtu.be/44fM3vz3jTQ What is your foundation? What helps you to endure the storms of life? Who do you cling on to when the winds come and the rain beats down? I want to encourage you today as you watch this sermon video – Put your hope in Jesus. Prepare for the storms before they come. Dig

  • On Wednesday 29th August, I traveled down to River Church in St Neots where we held an ‘All Things New’ evening. There was a good group of people and the smaller room helped create a more intimate setting for the event. The evening went very well. I sang the songs from my ‘All Things New’

  • This week Flame CCR radio in Liverpool has chosen my EP ‘All Things New’ as their album of the week! This means they will be playing tracks from the recording every morning this week on their Breakfast show at 8.10 am and again at 9.10 am. Please do tune in and have a listen. Any


  • microphone

    Christmas is a lovely time of year. Kids get excited, streets are decorated and you can snuggle up in a nice big jumper with a hot cup of coffee! There are many beautiful Christmas carols out there, however I do find it a little tricky to shoe-horn some of them into a more modern worship

  • microphone

    This song is a simple and beautiful reflection on communion and what it means that we are loved so much by a God who gave his everything so that we can give our everything back to Him in return. This song is featured on my EP ‘All Things New’ and also has a lyric video

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    This is an upbeat worship song that explored the theme of God’s omnipresence – being everywhere, all around us, all of the time. It is professionally recorded and appears on the Released 5 compilation album. Have a look below to hear how it goes, read the lyrics and access a free chord chart download. You


  • Here are a few quick ideas to help engage your congregation in worship. There are a few blog posts doing the rounds at the moment that focus on a problem many church worship leaders face: How to engage the congregation during times of sung worship. Unfortunately they often criticize or point out the mistakes rather

  • sound different

    Are you afraid that your church will sound different to others? Are the songs you singing following global patterns or the heart-beat of God for your community? Here are some questions I’v been asking myself recently: Should all churches worship sound the same? Should the music I play and the songs I write sound the

  • silence in worship

    The March/April 2012 edition of Worship Leader magazine highlighted the often overlooked element of silence in our worship. This has been challenging for me as a worship leader in my local church as well as for me in my personal times with God. The Problem Today’s world is so noisy and jammed full of sound.