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Together in Christ – Matt McChlery


  • This weekend I traveled up to Bradford to join with 2000 other men to worship God together as well as to learn and encourage each other along our journey of faith. The event was called Xcel 18 and was hosted by Life Church, who did an excellent job. The guest speaker was Bob Goff along

  • Here is a sermon I preached a while ago – yet still full of good stuff! (Ignore the titles – it’s not about Naughty Elephants and its not Clive Butcher speaking – it’s me!) I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFkrS9M_DR8

  • A recent blog I wrote that has been gathering quite a lot of traction is A Devotional Pathway To Mental Health. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s over on my ‘Chronicles of a Torchbearer’ blog. Have a read and leave a comment – it would be appreciated. Thanks


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    This song is the title track of my worship EP ‘All Things New’. This song speaks of the joy of salvation and how our lives are ‘made new’ when we are born again in the spirit through the blood of Jesus. It is up-beat and fun to sing! Find free chord chart, lyrics and lyric

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    This song is the last track on the album ‘Fly’. It is a lament and prayer designed to sing in times of trouble and trial. That despite the hardship and the suffering, we still cry out to God for help and for comfort. Beautiful in its simplicity and stripped back nature of the recording (which

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    A beautiful and reflective song about how God is everywhere and involved in every part of our lives, drawing us to himself. He will work every situation for the good of those who love him. This song has also won an award by achieving ‘Finalist’ position in the UK Songwriters Contest. Have a look below


  • Here is a guest post I was asked to write. It is always an honour to be invited to contribute towards the vision of others – especially when it lines up with your own! Here I speak about the beauty of small churches and how ‘church’ is all about people. Have a read and leave

  • Here are a few quick ideas to help engage your congregation in worship. There are a few blog posts doing the rounds at the moment that focus on a problem many church worship leaders face: How to engage the congregation during times of sung worship. Unfortunately they often criticize or point out the mistakes rather

  • sound different

    Are you afraid that your church will sound different to others? Are the songs you singing following global patterns or the heart-beat of God for your community? Here are some questions I’v been asking myself recently: Should all churches worship sound the same? Should the music I play and the songs I write sound the