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Together in Christ – Matt McChlery


  • Here is a sermon I preached recently from 2 Peter about false teaching. Sobering, yet important thoughts at this time. Have a watch… https://youtu.be/sOgKN95ZSug

  • This week we look at the book of Philippians and explore the fact that from time to time we all still need to be reminded that we need Jesus, we need a saviour. At the end you can hear an acoustic version of the song ‘The Heart of the Matter’.

  • I always get excited when I receive my royalties info every six months. Not that there is much in there financially, but I am more interested in where my songs have travelled to and the people groups they are blessings and being used by in worship of Jesus. I thought as it interests me, it


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    This is an upbeat worship song that explored the theme of God’s omnipresence – being everywhere, all around us, all of the time. It is professionally recorded and appears on the Released 5 compilation album. Have a look below to hear how it goes, read the lyrics and access a free chord chart download. You

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    Based upon the book of 1 John, this song explores themes of the divinity of Christ, unconditional love and Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross. It is also a declaration by those who sing it that they want to follow the perfect example of Jesus by living lives of love as his disciples. A good song

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    This song was born out of a deep desire and desperation for an increase of the presence of God in my life as well as in my church. It is a heart-cry, a yearning, one that can only be satisfied by the presence of the one true living God. More of you Lord, more of


  • The past few weeks have seen an increase in spiritual warfare and attack on me personally, my family and my church in general. Several things are happening in my life right now such as: my 4 year old daughter has some unexplained lumps in her body – we are waiting for an appointment with the

  • Do you find some people you lead difficult? I certainly do. God has been speaking to me about it recently – this is what He said… (So first of all, I am not mentioning any names in this post – I do not believe that will be constructive nor will it be honoring to the

  • One of the jobs I have whilst working for my local church is to create and implement systems to help the church function, maintain its health and grow. This includes things like creating ‘pathways’ to help new people connect with our church: a website that looks good and contains relevant information for visitors, training and