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Together in Christ – Matt McChlery

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    This song explored the significance and symbolism of the Holy Communion or Eucharist. A good song to sing during a Communion service. You have permission to sing this song in your church. At the bottom of this page you will find a free chords chart to download. However, please remember to ask your church to

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    A foot-stomping song celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ideal to be sung at Easter – or anytime of year actually! If you like the song and would like to sing it in your church – you can! You will find a free chord chart to download at the bottom of this page. If you

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    This is a reworking of the old traditional Christmas carol ‘As with gladness men of old’. Some of the original verses have been tweaked a bit (or omitted) and it comes with an arrangement that works well for a worship band rather than an organist – so should hopefully fit in well within a modern


  • Notes of Devotion is a weekly podcast that explores the biblical basis of worship songs in a devotional format. In this episode Matt talks about God’s love reaching everyone everywhere based on Psalm 145. You can also hear the song ‘Wonderful Love’. Have a listen and start your week right. Please like, comment and share

  • Notes of Devotion is a weekly podcast that explores biblical themes behind worship songs in a devotional format. This week we look at holy communion and why it is so significant for Christians. You can also subscribe to get automatic updates of this podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Simple search for Notes of Devotion

  • The KingsStock Music Festival is a very special festival and one that holds a place in my heart. You can tell when an event is run for hard profit and when it is run for the sheer love of enjoying and sharing music and people’s company. KingsStock is definitely the latter. A fantastic event for


  • This is an amazingly powerful song celebrating the Holy Spirit and manifest presence of Jesus! When we encounter the divine all we can do is to cry ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty’. If you would like to use this song in your church, please do. You can find a free chord chart

  • This is an upbeat worship song that explored the theme of God’s omnipresence – being everywhere, all around us, all of the time. It is professionally recorded and appears on the Released 5 compilation album. Have a look below to hear how it goes, read the lyrics and access a free chord chart download. You

  • This song is the last track on the album ‘Fly’. It is a lament and prayer designed to sing in times of trouble and trial. That despite the hardship and the suffering, we still cry out to God for help and for comfort. Beautiful in its simplicity and stripped back nature of the recording (which


  • Yesterday I arrived back from the Resound Worship Songwriting Retreat that was held in the beautiful Wydale Hall in North Yorkshire. It was an intensely creative time – which is exactly what I hoped it would be. I arrived armed with a suitcase, a guitar and half of a song I had muddled together a

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    There is so much richness in the words of The Lord’s Prayer as it encompasses so much of what it means to live a Christian life. It is a prayer that Jesus himself taught us to pray. His very words connecting our hearts to the Father’s. In more liturgical churches this prayer is said often.

  • Here are the songs we sung at our all-age Pentecost celebration. As we blended two congregations together for this special event (our Messy Church and our Sunday Church) I chose songs that would reflect both equally well. We also wanted to create a ‘party’ atmosphere as we were focusing on celebrating the birth of the