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One of the jobs I have whilst working for my local church is to create and implement systems to help the church function, maintain its health and grow. This includes things like creating ‘pathways’ to help new people connect with our church: a website that looks good and contains relevant information for visitors, training and running a Welcome Team, implementing follow up proceedures as well as advertising and marketing.

So today was great as we welcomed 3 new families to our church!

Unfortunately this started my mind trying to trouble-shoot a service that was actually quite good.

Thoughts such as:

  • the song choices are not what I would gave chosen. This might put the guests off.
  • I hope the ‘Hello’ card I designed encourages them to come back again. 
  • I hope they are not put off by this or by that.

And so it went on.

About half way through the service I felt as though God told me off! It’s one thing to put necessary systems in place to help new people connect but it is another thing completely to think that somehow I can single-handedly grow the church. In fact this is NOT my job – it is God’s.

It is up to God to grow His church and to add people to our fellowship, or not. He calls people and puts them where they are meant to be. Not me!

Jesus – help me to do my job well but to never presume to take your place. Forgive me. Amen.

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