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Podcast Episode 6 – Lord have Mercy

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As we saw the start of Lent last week as well as many churches celebrating Ash Wednesday I thought the theme for this episode should follow on the same theme. This week we explore the theme of repentance taken from 1 John 1:5-10. At the end you can hear an acoustic version of the song […]

Keeping My Love On!


A while ago I blogged about how I can sometimes find certain people difficult to deal with (See Difficult People) and what a Christian response to the situation might be. Since then things haven’t been too bad. However, this weekend things got heated once again. I’m not taking to the internet to debate who was […]

A Devotional Pathway to Mental Health

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I know I am a couple of days late to the party as World mental Health Day 2018 was two days ago (on Wednesday) but I still feel this important issues is something churches should be addressing and trying to understand better. I take heart from the various initiatives that are emerging around the area […]

Shaking off the Dust of Rejection

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Those of you who know me will know that I am quite a creative person and I have various outlets for my creativity. This includes songwriting and singing (I also play guitar) as well as being an author and speaker. So it is the time of year when musicians start to apply to the Christian […]

Shifting Towards Healthy Church


One of the roles I have within my church is to create systems that will help the church to function better. One of these areas is church growth. The growth of my church has been on my heart for some time now and the implementation of some systems to help facilitate this were badly needed. […]

Reader’s Testimony

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At the end of my book ‘All Things New: Stories of Transformed Lives’ I invite readers to contact me to share their personal testimony with me and perhaps anyone else who reads my website. A lovely lady called Maddie did just that. This is her story…   I have a long history of frustrating neurological […]

If I was a Stradivarius Violin

stradivarius violin

Ashmolean Museum Last week I took a day trip to Oxford with my family. Part of our time there was spent in the Ashmolean Museum. It is packed full of history (as you would expect) that ranged from Renaissance art, Chineese ceramics, Japanese samurai armour to giant statues of Juleus Cesar. One particular exhibit caught […]

Non-Christians are Desperate for the Prophetic!


A while ago, in my workplace someone brought in a flyer advertising a clairvoyant evening in a village near by. Conversation in the staff room soon turned to mediums and clairvoyants. I was amazed by how many people had visited one or received a ‘reading’ . They were all enthusiastic and being quite evangelical about […]

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