Standing in the Storm

Standing in the Storm: Living with Faith and Cancer

‘In the darkest part of my life, in the middle of the mess and suffering, Jesus was there, holding my hand and giving me the strength I needed to simply stand in the storm’

In 2016, Matt McChlery and his wife experienced the loss of an unborn child and the discovery that he had life-threatening cancer – Stage Four non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Confronted by such darkness and a brutal treatment programme, Matt found himself wrestling with faith and the God he thought he knew.

Grounded, honest and vulnerable, this deeply personal book shares how Jesus was the rock that held fast throughout, and how, on the other side of the storm, His hope shone more brightly than ever. Find the comfort, hope and inspiration you need to keep standing in the storm, whatever you face.

What others are saying about ‘Standing in the Storm’:

There have been a number of times in the course of my pastoral ministry when I have had to journey with people through cancer. Although everyone would have loved to tell a story of miraculous healing,  I know that stories of discovering God’s grace while pressing on through can be just as inspiring. This is a great story that fits right into this category. Thank you Matt for sharing it and I pray that it will be an encouragement to many.
Dr Hugh Osgood – President of Churches in Communities International.

Matt thank you for writing your breath-taking journey in this way. A wonderful reminder of Gods peace and presence during the challenging times. So helpfully written, filled with heart ache and buckets of hope.
Cris Rogers – Author, Chair of the Spring Harvest Planning Group, Rector of All Hallows Bow, London

Matt tells the moving story of his life in Africa, his move to the UK and then how his young family went through the turmoil of the onset of cancer and their subsequent deliverances. It is a great account of faith triumphing over adversity – one with which I can so identify because of my life in Africa, and losing my first wife through cancer. May all who read it be edified and blessed!
Patrick Johnstone – International Speaker & Author Emeritus ‘Operation World’

Here is a memoir that will touch your heart when following Matt through his unusual childhood in Zimbabwe, his journey into faith and his desperate move to the UK.  God has been with him, putting him in the right place, the right job and with the right people around him to help him cope with a devastating diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. This is not a classic ‘feel-good’ book – it is real and gritty – yet reveals God’s great love and faithfulness throughout Matt’s joyous times as well as through great grief, including unpleasant and traumatic treatment. 
Angela Hobday – Consultant Clinical Psychologist (retired)

Cancer isn’t convenient. It disrupts lives and challenges our view of ourselves and our world. For the Christian, its shocking diagnosis also brings into question what we think we know of God. All this was Matt’s experience, which he relates with disarming honesty in this book. He already knew of God as saviour and rescuer through his conversion in his native Zimbabwe but now had to ask: could God be his healer, too?
I read Standing in the Storm in two sittings, unable to put it down. The fascinating descriptions of his early life in African culture provide a great back-drop to what was waiting for him in Britain: a new teaching career, a wife and… non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Extracts from his blog/journal, written at the time, ensure that this is no sanitised, after-the-event story but a pulling-no-punches account of a journey he didn’t want to make. Through it all, hope shines through the despair and pain – a hope based on God, the only One who can keep us standing in the storm.
Jane Walters – author, vice-chair of ACW and leader of Brecks, Fens and Pens writing group

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