Desperate We Are For You

This song was born out of a deep desire and desperation for an increase of the presence of God in my life as well as in my church. It is a heart-cry, a yearning, one that can only be satisfied by the presence of the one true living God. More of you Lord, more of you!

You are welcome to sing this song in your church. Please scroll to the bottom of this page where you can access a free download of the chord chart. If you do use it, please remember to include its use in your CCLI report as this helps me to continue to write and record music for the church.

Please come back and leave a comment below as to how the song went – it’s always good to hear your stories and to see where the songs have traveled to.

Desperate We Are For You

CCLI Number: 5855441

Desperate we are for You
Hungry we come to You
We know we cannot live
This life alone

So with our heads bowed low
And with our hearts held high
Boldly we now approach
The God most high

Only more of Your spirit
Only more of Your love
Only more of Your presence
Can Satisfy our desperate hearts
Only more of Your power
Only more of Your grace
Only more of You Jesus
Nothing else will take Your place
Will take Your place

Eager to feel You near
Longing to see Your face
Oh Jesus, won’t You come in power?

Jesus, more of Jesus
Only Jesus, more of You (repeat)

Matt McChlery
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