As Holiness Surrounds Me

This song is a response to an encounter with the presence of The Living God. How we can feel so ‘undone’ in His awesome presence – yet he chooses to love us!

If you would like to sing this song at your church, please do! You will find a free download link for the chord chart at the bottom of this page. Please remember to also report its use to CCLI as this really does help me continue to have the time and resources to write and record worship songs for the church. Thank you.

As Holiness Surrounds Me

CCLI Number: 4449353

As holiness surrounds me, I know I don’t deserve
I feel so unworthy, of Your love
As holiness surrounds me, I feel I can not stand
I fall down on my knees, in worship

For I know from where I’ve come
Yet here I stand on holy ground

Amazing grace, amazing mercy
Amazing love that lifted me
Amazing grace, amazing saviour
Amazing forgiveness you show to me

As holiness surrounds me, I know that I am weak
A vessel forged by You, come fill me
As holiness surrounds, I lay my broken life
I put forgotten dreams before you

Matt McChlery
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