Xcel Men’s Conference 2018

This weekend I traveled up to Bradford to join with 2000 other men to worship God together as well as to learn and encourage each other along our journey of faith.

The event was called Xcel 18 and was hosted by Life Church, who did an excellent job.

The guest speaker was Bob Goff along with Steve Gambill who is lead pastor at Life Church. Both preached up a storm and were very engaging and full of wisdom.

Some of the things I will take away from the conference are:

  • It doesn’t matter what your faith looks like, it matters what it IS – come with what you’ve got!
  • Satan doesn’t need to destroy you, he just needs to distract you – what is distracting you in your life right now? Get rid of it!
  • When you love someone with an agenda it stops being love!
  • We don’t have much time left on this earth – what are you doing with the time you’ve got left?
  • Be available – create time for what matters most.
  • Proximity is easy, being PRESENT is hard.
  • Love your enemies. Love everybody always and start with the people who creep you out!
  • God sees you for the man you are becoming – not your mess ups.
  • When you meet people, let them meet Jesus, not your opinions!
  • Show people who they are – who God has made them to be.
  • If you keep making it about you it will never be about Jesus.

Wow – it seems like quite a lot when I write it all down!

This year I went on my own (the ticket was a Birthday present). But I hope to return for Xcel 19 and to bring some of the men from my church with me.

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