This song was originally written as a Christmas song (and still contains an alternative Christmas verse that can be used at Christmas time) however it has been reworked into a song that can be sung at all times of the year. It reflects upon the mystery of God becoming man in order to save us – part of his salvation plan.

If you would like to sing this song in your church you will find a free Chord Chart download link at the bottom of this post. Pleas remember to report your usage of it to CCLI as this really helps me to continue to have the time and resources to write and record songs. Thank you.


CCLI Number: 6579733

God so loved the world He gave
His only Son for us
Love made known in human form
His plan for our salvation

God is with us, God is with us
You came to save us, You came to save us

He put aside his majesty
Became a man for us
Power of God for all to see
The hope of all the world

(alternative Christmas Verse 2)
What miracle the virgin birth
Divine humanity
The Christ child to die as a man
To bring us back to God

What mystery, what majesty
Amazing grace, Your love for me

Matt McChlery
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