Worship Fit For a King?

A few weeks ago we had a big day in the town in which I live.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla visited the town on an official Royal Visit.

They were said to arrive anytime between 2 – 3:30pm. So I arrived at about 1/4 to 2 to get a good position. When I arrived most of the good spots had already been taken. It was a grey, cold and rather miserable day but people’s spirits were high. As more and more school children arrived with union jack flags to wave, the sense of excitement and anticipation grew.

2 o’clock came and went, still they had not arrived.

By about half past 2, the police escorted cars came round the corner and they had arrived.

They spent a good deal of time greeting people in the crowds who had lined the streets, as well as greeting the school children before entering into St Peter and St Paul’s church where they were to officially meet the designated people they had come to see.

It was a good day for the town.

This whole event got me thinking about our worship and the way in which we approach it.

So often we are preoccupied with our own comfort when we go to church. Is the seat comfortable? Am I being entertained by the songs we are singing?

Here we were, stood on a freezing cold street corner not even sure when the royal visitors would be arriving. Braving the elements. We were excited and expectant to catch a glimpse of the future King of England – how much more should we be excited and expectant to catch a glimpse of The King of Kings?

How often do we go to church or a worship gathering just so we can say ‘I was there. I saw Him!’ How often do we lay aside our own comfort, wait for as long as it takes in order so we can catch a glimpse of His glory?

I did not get to meet Prince Charles today. But Jesus is able to meet with every single one of us. He knows each of us intimately.

Let us prepare for a Royal Visit in our lives and in our churches and be expectant that The King of Glory will come in!

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