Beautiful Rain is a poetic song I wrote with my friend, Diane Devine. It started off as her original idea and she invited me to come alongside and help her finish it off.

I like the metaphorical elements of the song – something that is not used very much in worship songwriting these days – that help to express our need of God and how he lavishes His love on us.

If you would like to use this song in your church, please do. You can get a free chord chart at the bottom of this page. Please remember to report your use of the song to CCLI as this will help me to continue to fund the writing and recording of songs for the church. Thank you.

Beautiful Rain

CCLI Number: 5855427

Standing in Your rain, open arms
Release from pain, drench me in Your beautiful rain

Singing in Your rain, open heart
Free from shame, drench me in Your beautiful rain

Hands raised to the sky
Soaking in Your love
You immerse me in Your beautiful rain
Face turned to the sky
Soaking in Your touch
Fill this vessel up (repeat this line x3 to end)
Beautiful rain

Dancing in Your rain, open life
Will not be the same
Drench me in Your beautiful rain

Diane Devine, Matt McChlery
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