Goodness of God – cover

This song just blows me away each time I hear it. This is because I have found it’s central message has been so true in my life. God has been SO good to me!

He helped me get a bursary to attend university – without it I would not have gone.

He provided food and accommodation for me when I was a stranger in an unknown city, with no where to go (and no money to speak of).

He made a way for me to leave Zimbabwe when there seemed to be no way.

He provided me with a job.

He eventually introduced me to my wife.

He has blessed me with 3 amazing children.

Oh yes, and he healed me from stage 4 cancer and stuck by me closer than a brother through it all.

God is indeed VERY GOOD.

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Speaker, author, songwriter and musician Matt McChlery has a passion for pointing people towards Jesus. Having survived a bout with cancer in 2016, he tries to make every day count. Find our more about Matt McChlery's music and ministry on his website.

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