Onward Christian Soldiers

This song is particularly meaningful to me and I have always wanted to attempt a modern version of this classic hymn as my Great, Great, Great Grandfather wrote it!

I have taken words from the chorus of the original and reworked them a little. The verses are original and are based upon the spiritual armour as mentioned in Ephesians 6:12-18.

This is a good spiritual warfare song and will fit well within a modern worship context.

If you would like to sung this song, please do. You will find a free chord chart download below. If using it in your church, please remember to report its use to CCLI. Many thanks.

Onward Christian Soldiers

CCLI Number: 5011625

Give me my belt, Your truth surrounding me
Give me my breast – plate, righteousness in my heart
Give me my shoes, the gospel of Your peace
Give me my shield, protection is my faith
Give me my helmet, Your seal of salvation
Give me my sword, It is the word of God, wo-oh
The word of God, wo-oh

Onward, onward Christian soldiers
Marching, marching as to war
With the cross, the cross of Jesus
Going on before

We do not fight, against the natual
We come against, evil and wickedness
Give us the strength, to always stand our ground
Fight the good fight, fighting with all our might, wo-oh
With all our might, wo-oh

We stand, we stand
Stronger in Your love
We stand, we stand!
We stand, we stand
When everything is done
We stand, we stand!

Matt McChlery
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Used by Permission.

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