Let Your Kingdom Come

This song is an intercession on behalf of the nation – asking Jesus to come to establish his unshakeable, eternal kingdom in our midst. It also encourages the body of the church to play an active role in helping to reach our communities with the Good News of Jesus.

A good song for mission, intercession, prayer and the nations.

If you would like to sing this song at your church or event, please do. You can find a free chord chart to download at the bottom of this page. Please remember to report any usage to CCLI. Thank you.

Let Your Kingdom Come

CCLI Number: 4449463

You who hear the voice of one in the wilderness
You who hear the cry of our hearts
For a nation that is lost without You
Who have forgotten the pain of Your cross

Build us up, send up out into the world
To open eyes and set the captives free
Set them free

Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
As our praises ring
As Your people sing
May You hear our prayer today

Long ago, our fathers’ fathers worshipped You
But now it seems no one knows Your name
May we be a city set upon a hill
A holy light for all the land to see

Matt McChlery
Copyright © 2004 Faithseed Music. Administered by Song Solutions, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom. Used by Permission.

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Speaker, author, songwriter and musician Matt McChlery has a passion for pointing people towards Jesus. Having survived a bout with cancer in 2016, he tries to make every day count. Find our more about Matt McChlery's music and ministry on his website.

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