Glory to the Lord

This is a simple song that praises and magnifies God. It speaks of his majesty and sovereignty as well as him being the creator. The end of the chorus extends this praise to Jesus – who is fully God yet fully man – as he is Emmanuel, God with us.

Please feel free to sing this song in your church. There is a free chord chart at the bottom of this page. If you do please remember to report its use to CCLI as this really does help me to continue to write and record worship songs for the church. Thank you.

Please come back to this page and let me know how the song went as well as where you sung it. I love to hear stories of where my songs have traveled to and the people they have helped in worship.

Glory to the Lord

CCLI Number: 4449401

Glory to the Lord, glory to the King
Glory to the Lord, let all creation sing
Praises to Your name, Holy anointed King
Glory to the Lord, let every nation sing

Awesome majesty
Unchanging love
God with us

Matt McChlery
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