This song is a celebration of salvation. How Jesus brings freedom to the captives and new life to the spiritually dead. It uses the metaphor of flying to help express this joy and freedom that is found in salvation in Jesus.

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CCLI Number: 4449384

You who know the beginning and the end
You who see my waking and my lying down
Maker of all things by those very words of love
Unreachable yet near to those You love

Now I see I’m incomplete
Without Your love inside of me
Now I see eternity
My destiny is in Your eyes

I fly higher than I’ve ever been
Life is more than what it seems with love
I run faster than a shooting star
Only to be in Your loving arms

Matt McChlery
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Speaker, author, songwriter and musician Matt McChlery has a passion for pointing people towards Jesus. Having survived a bout with cancer in 2016, he tries to make every day count. Find our more about Matt McChlery's music and ministry on his website.

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