This song is a simple and beautiful reflection on communion and what it means that we are loved so much by a God who gave his everything so that we can give our everything back to Him in return.

This song is featured on my EP ‘All Things New’ and also has a lyric video that you can see below. Also get access to the free chord chart and a link is available for you to buy the sheet music.

Please remember to report the usage of this song on your church’s CCLI report as this really helps to support my ministry financially. Thank you.

Forevermore (Communion Song)

CCLI Number: 6594756

We meet to worship You together
Your family, Your church, Your bride
In fellowship we serve eachother
Reflecting on Your sacrifice

You gave your body to be broken
Your blood to make us clean
Forevermore we will remember
Give You thanks for everything

You paid the price for our redemption
You bought us back and set us free
We now belong to You forever
Sealed for all eternity

You are exalted in the heavens
And seated at the Father’s side
One day you will return in glory
To come and claim your precious bride

Written by Matt McChlery, Sally Johnson. Copyright (c) 2013 Sally Johnson & Faithseed Music. Administered by SongSolutions, 14 Horstead Square, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom. Used by permission. email info@songsolutions.org website: www.songsolutions.org

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