wisbech rock fest 2018

Wisbech Rock Fest 2018

Last weekend I returned to Wisbech Rock Fest for the second year running. Held in Wisbech Park as a free event for the community and organised by Wisbech Town Council, the rock fest has grown and now includes 3 stages.

I was playing on the acoustic stage at lunch time.

I had a great time and played fro around 35 minutes. I played a variety of covers from well known radio songs that connected well with the audience. However I do try to make sure the message in the music can also translate into a twist of faith and point people towards God. I shared a little about my journey with cancer as well as how my faith helped me through that time.

I was hoping to play a couple of originals, but time ran out.

The weather was amazing.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported me. It means a lot.

I hope to see you again at Wisbech Rock Fest 2019!

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