This is a personal song that is a heart-cry asking God for forgiveness as well as submission to His Lordship. It explores the verses in Romans 2 that speaks about the circumcision of the heart.

You can use the song in your church if you would like to. There is a free chord chart at the bottom of this page for you to use. Please remember to report the song’s use in your church’s CCLI report as this helps me to continue to write and record songs for the church. Thank you.

Cut My Heart

CCLI Number: 5109702

This old sin, eating away inside of me
This old guilt, keeping my eyes fixed to the floor
This old shame, locked up in a dusty corner
This old self, this old skin

I can’t shake it
I can’t escape it
I’ve got blood on my hands

Cut my heart
Bleed away the darkness
Cut my heart
Shape it how you want it
Cut my heart
Fill it with love and purity
Cut my heart
Cut my heart

Matt McChlery
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