‘Cling to You’ is a song of lament. Written to be sung during times in life when there seems to be no answers, when things appear to be at their darkest, when there seems to be no escape – there is hope in Jesus!

This song appears on the album ‘Fly’.

Please feel free to use this song at your church. You can find a free chord chart at the bottom of this page. If you do use it, remember to report its use to CCLI as this helps me to continue to write and record songs for the church. Thank you. 

Cling to You

CCLI Number: 4449377

When salty tears fill my soul
When rivers of sorrow pull me down
When waters of despair wash over me

When my heart hits the ground
When my will can not be found
When my tomorrow just looks so empty

I will cling to You, my Jesus, my Jesus
I will cling to You, my shelter, my fortress
I will cling to You, my Jesus, my Jesus
I will cling to You, and my soul will rest
In Your loving arms, Oh God

When I can’t walk this road of life
When I can’t drink this cup of mine
When all I can do is look behind me

When all my dreams have go e to sleep
When all my fears seem so complete
When all my weaknesses overwhelm me

Matt McChlery
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