Released 5 CD

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Track List:

  1. All Around – Matt McChlery
  2. Everything To Me – Tim Garland
  3. Do It Your Way – Yvonne Dalheim
  4. From the Highest of Heaven’s Highest Throne – Andrew Cleaton
  5. Do You Know? – Caroline J Gardiner
  6. Yes I Believe – Steven Barr
  7. Jesus, Here at The Cross – Chris Wilkins
  8. Sold Out To You – Steve Mews
  9. All for You – Ant Lee
  10. Holy Spirit Come – Michele Miller
  11. You’re the Lover of my Soul – Paul Banderet
  12. Hide me Safe – Ellen Palmer
  13. Father I Come to You – Dan Parkes
  14. Every Blessing – Ed Billingham

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Released 5 is a fantastic compliation album featuring up-and-coming Christian artists in the UK.

Matt McChlery’s song ‘All Around’ features as the opening track on this 14-track compilation album packed full of originality and freshness as it showcases grassroots Christian musicians from around the UK.

Watch the video below to hear Matt’s song that is included on this recording.


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