The Gathering has begun

The Gathering got off to a flying start on Sunday afternoon despite the dark and the damp weather.

We are exploring the fruits of the Spirit and this month we were learning about ‘Patience’. About how God is patient with us, how we need to be patient with Him and how we should be patient with those around us. There was an interactive prayer station, where we were invited to plant seeds and to think of and pray for 3 people who we need to be more patient with as we planted the three seeds. Seeds take time to grow, and as we water them every couple of days, we should pause and pray for those people and the situations.

Claire gave a short and clear teaching about patience as well as using video clips and on-screen visuals to help us think about the topic. Becky and I lead the sung worship. (I am also involved in the planning team).

God’s presence was very apparent and many people were moved by the event.

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Speaker, author, songwriter and musician Matt McChlery has a passion for pointing people towards Jesus. Having survived a bout with cancer in 2016, he tries to make every day count. Find our more about Matt McChlery's music and ministry on his website.

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