New Christmas Song Just Released

I am really pleased to announce that my new Christmas worship song ‘Have You Heard?’ has been released today on all digital platforms.

Press release

‘Have You Heard?’ is the latest Christmas worship song to be penned by Wisbech (UK) based singer/songwriter and worship leader Matt McChlery. This follows on from the four singles Matt released through Homegrown Worship in 2019. Recorded remotely during the hight of Lockdown, this song takes on a story-telling style by inviting its hearers to come on a journey of discovery – to hear the Good News of Jesus, who is God-made-flesh, born as a child on that first Christmas morning. The song then goes on to unpack the fact that Jesus did not remain a child, but grew up to become a man, the very man  who died to take away our sin which enables us to have a relationship with God today. Each verse is structured as a question and answer and the huge, sweeping chorus with its soaring melody is an invitation to worship Jesus for all he has done.

For the first time, this recording sees Matt McChlery teaming up with another featured vocalist, Kat Mills, whose songs (‘Not Made Wrong’, ‘Church Arise’) have been played on numerous radio stations in the UK and beyond. Her vocals add a sense of sparkle to the track and her harmonies are simply breathtaking.

A lot of the hard work on this track was done by the talented Matt Osgood of WorshipSongRecordings.com who expertly crafted a masterful blend of instrumentation to create a truly beautiful Christmas soundscape upon which the lyrics sit seamlessly.

This very singable song will be left reverberating in your heart throughout the Christmas season and beyond.


Main Vocals & Songwriter Matt McChlery
Guest featured vocalist Kat Mills
Guitar Rupert Caney
Keys, additional guitars, drums, tracking, production, mixing and mastering by Matt Osgood of Worshipsongrecording.com

Mostly recorded in London at WorshipSongRecording.com with vocals being recorded remotely at the artists’ homes.


Chord charts can be accessed free of charge on www.mattmcchlery.com

Sheet music can also be purchased on Matt’s website and lead sheet and chord charts are also available on CCLI’s SongSelect website.

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