Have You Heard?

It was leading up to Christmas and I was struck again by how amazing God-becoming-man really was. How He chose to come as a helpless baby, not in great pomp and ceremony, but born to a humble family. Not born in a castle or palace surrounded by finery but in a barn filled with smelly animals.

I was also struck by how many in our society (UK) have not actually heard the gospel. What do they actually know about this amazing baby born to become a man – the saviour of the world? How much of God’s amazing salvation plan do they actually know? This led to the idea of asking the question which starts the song – ‘Have you heard?’ The rest of the song then endeavours to explain who Jesus is and why He is so important for us all.

Have You Heard?

CCLI Number: 7127389

Have you heard
The greatest story ever told
Of the boy
Who was born so long ago
In a stable on a starry night
Have you heard?

Did you know
That God so loved the world
He sent his son
To be born that helpless child
To forgive and take away our sin
Did you know?

O come let us adore him
O come let us bow down
O come let us worship
Jesus Christ, Son of the living God

So let us come
To worship and adore
Jesus the Christ
Who grew to be a man
Who was born to die that we might live
Let us come

Matt McChlery
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