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If I was a Stradivarius Violin

Ashmolean Museum

Last week I took a day trip to Oxford with my family. Part of our time there was spent in the Ashmolean Museum. It is packed full of history (as you would expect) that ranged from Renaissance art, Chineese ceramics, Japanese samurai armour to giant statues of Juleus Cesar. One particular exhibit caught my attention – musical instruments.

There were very old stringed instruments, early versions of the guitar, cello, violin. But the one instrument that took pride of place in the centre of the whole room, suspended in its own glass display box, was an original Stradivarius violin! It was in extremely good condition.

I had heard about these instruments as being the finest violins ever made, producing an amazing sound that has remained unsurpassed through the centuries. When I got home I did some research on the web and learnt that in 2006 a Stradivarius set the record of being the most expensive violin ever to be sold at public auction, fetching an amazing $3,544,000 !

Made to be Heard

As I stood there, looking at a piece of musical excellence and history, I had mixed emotions. That’s just it! I looked at it. That is what was bothering me. I could look at art, ceramic objects, archaeological finds – but a musical instrument is made and designed to be heard! It saddened me that the very reason why this violin was so valuable has caused it to be silenced – forever locked away in a special glass box. I could not appreciate its true brilliance because I could not hear it.

I wonder in life are there things I have locked away in a box somewhere? Special gifts or talents that should be used? Songs that should be sung? I pray that I am using the gifts and talents that God has given me to the best of my ability. Not being a foolish servant and burying them because they are valuable, but investing in and growing them.

God made us all special and unique. Equipped and able to succeed at fulfilling the roles and living the life He has planned for us. I do know one thing – if I was a Stradavarius violin, I would want to make music!

I do know one thing - if I was a Stradavarius violin, I would want to make music! #makemusic #liveyourlife #reflection Click To Tweet
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