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Now taking bookings for 01 August 2018 – 31 August 2019.

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Speaker, author and songwriter, Matt McChlery, has recently launched his ‘All Things New’ project which includes a 6-track CD of songs that explore the theme of salvation and a paperback book that not only tells the stories of several people and the circumstances around which they came to meet Jesus for the first time, but also includes a chapter explaining what salvation is and why we need it as well as extending an invitation to the reader to meet Jesus for themselves.

The Evening

An ‘All Things New’ evening can be hosted by any church who wishes to reach out to their community and to encourage their existing congregation.

There are a few ways the evening can be structured and will work with a small group in a living room as well as a large event in a big hall or church venue. Matt is very flexible and is happy to adapt to your particular situation.

It is designed to be an informal event. The Launch event saw everyone sitting in-the-round with the band in the middle and the audience just behind them in a circle. The musician could become part of the circle, or the set up could be the more formal musician at the front with an audience watching in rows of seats. It’s up to you.

On the tour, the 6 songs from the CD will be performed by Matt as a solo performance. In between some of the songs there will be opportunity for the sharing of testimonies as to how certain people came to know Jesus. Matt is more than happy to share his testimony at one of these interludes. The host church is invited to ask a couple of people from their congregation who would be happy to take part in an ‘interview’ scenario where they will be asked three basic questions in order to help them share their testimony of how they came to faith in Jesus:

  1. What was your life like before you met Jesus?
  2. How did you meet Jesus?
  3. What is your life like now after you have asked Jesus into your life?

The evening lasts approximately 1 hour, or a bit longer depending upon how long the testimonies take.

You can hear samples of the songs and CD here:

The Wall

The Wall of Answered Prayer is an initiative that aims to build a national monument made of 1 million bricks with each brick representing an answered prayer. People are invited to send in an answer to prayer which will then form part of this national monument that people can come and experience and be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

As testimonies are being shared as part of this event, Matt thought it would be appropriate to include a little bit about ‘The Wall’ where everyone at the event is invited to send in an answer to prayer, if they would like to (flyers at the event will give details on how to do this).

There is also opportunity for a representative from ‘The Wall’ to attend the event, however this will incur an additional cost to cover travel expenses from Leicester. Please indicate on your booking form if you would or would not like to invite a representative from ‘The Wall’ to the event too. They will come with literature, flyers and advertising banners to let people know about this exciting project.

Find out more: www.thewall.org.uk

The Tour Package

Artist: Matt McChlery (solo)

Special Guests: 2 people from your local church willing to give a testimony, and Gregory Smith (Representative from ‘The Wall’ – optional).


  • Matt + 2 others testimonies of how they came to salvation
  • An explanation about ‘The Wall’ and an invitation to send in an answered prayer
  • Matt can also invite people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, but is equally happy for the host church to do this in their way if they prefer.

PA/Lighting: Matt can bring his own PA system which is suitable for a venue up to around 100 people. Basic lighting can also be provided if needed.

Possible Local Support Act: the organiser is welcome to invite a local musician to have a 15min support slot before Matt McChlery’s performance. This is to be organiser by the host church event organiser.

Duration of Matt McChlery’s slot: 60min

Digital Tour Poster/Flyer: this will be emailed to you for use to help promote the event locally through print and on digital media such as Facebook. There is empty space to help you add your own event details.

Tour Dates

The tour aims to fit in and around your church programme. As such it is open for bookings from 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019.


To be arranged by the artist.

Tour Prices

Solo Package = £100 Artist Fee + Travel (from Wisbech)

The Wall Package = £100 Artist Fee + 2x Travel (from Wisbech & Leicester)

Include PA & basic lighting for £50 extra

(Travel Expenses at 25p/mile)

Ministry of Music usually takes a non-refundable deposit to confirm tour bookings.  The remaining balance will be collected on the night of the event by the artist.

Event Organiser Requirements

  • Venue available a minimum of 2 hours before doors open and 1 hour after event finishes.
  • Parking spaces for vehicle unloading and parking.
  • Food and drinks for artist (for 1 person if taking ‘Solo Package’ or 2 people if taking ‘The Wall’ package)
  • Merch table. Event organiser to provide sales person if possible.
  • 2 people from host church willing to give their testimony of how they came to salvation in an interview style section during the event.
  • Advertise the event in advance
  • PA if not part of tour package
  • An audience!

Example Event Schedule

A typical outline schedule could be as follows:

5.00 – Musician arrives at venue

5.00 – 7.00 Set up and sound checks

7.00 – Food

7.30 – Doors open

7.45 – 8.00 Local support act

8.00 – 9.00 Artists set

9.00 – 9.30 CD sales, chatting to people, signing CDs etc

9.30 – Doors close

9.30– 10.30 Pack down

Times can be adjusted as necessary if local support act not available or if need to fit into an existing event schedule.

Tour Marketing

Marketing will include:

MOM (Ministry of Music) – put tour details onto MOM website
MOM – put tour details onto MOM facebook/twitter
Artist/MOM – add tour details on Christian event sites
Artist – email event/church contacts and spread word on facebook/twitter etc.
Artist – put details on website
+ anything else you can think of to get the tour publicised (local papers etc).

Further inquiries and Booking

Please contact bookings@ministryofmusic.co.uk to find out more and to make a booking.

MOM will send out booking agreement/information to you and the booking will only be confirmed once the completed booking form and deposit is received by MOM.

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