Never Be The Same (The Baptism Song)

This song was birthed at a songwriting retreat organised by Resound Worship.

I enjoyed writing about a theme where there is a bit of a ‘gap’ in terms of modern worship songs, as there are not very many of them about.

Repent – Believe – Be Baptised: This helped me to structure the song with each section dealing with each idea in turn which resulted in a lovely song that is appropriate for water baptism.

If you would like to use this song in your church, please do. You will find an audio sample and free chord chart below to help you do this. Please remember to report any usage in your church’s CCLI report. Many thanks.

Never Be The Same
(The Baptism Song)

CCLI number: 7133022

Turn my back on the past
Leave my old ways behind
Jesus, I will follow You

For You died in my place
And You rose from the grave
Jesus, I believe it’s true

Wash me in the waters
Wash my sin away
Cleanse me with Your Spirit
As I am raised with Christ today

I will never be the same
I’m made new in Jesus’ name
I will never be the same again

Matt McChlery
Copyright © 2019 Faithseed Music. Administered by Song Solutions, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG, United Kingdom. Used by Permission.

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