Long Ago in Bethlehem

Christmas is a lovely time of year. Kids get excited, streets are decorated and you can snuggle up in a nice big jumper with a hot cup of coffee!

There are many beautiful Christmas carols out there, however I do find it a little tricky to shoe-horn some of them into a more modern worship set with chords and melodies that are more akin to what my church is used to. Don’t get me wrong, we still love and sing the Christmas classics, but this did present a challenge. So I have written this Christmas worship song. It has been used in various places since it’s inception and in a variety of contexts. I hope you find it blesses you and your worshipping community too.

Have a look below to hear how it goes, read the lyrics and access a free chord chart download. You are welcome to use it in your church using the CCLI license. Please remember to report the usage of your song to CCLI each time you sing it / display the words. This really helps to support my ministry financially. Thank you.

Long Ago In Bethlehem

CCLI number 5567650

Long ago in Bethlehem
A shining star led the way
To a baby born of Mary
To a manger where He lay

How silently this gift was given
How humbly God became man
The Word made flesh among us
Fully God, yet fully man

Hallelujah, to the new born King
Hallelujah, the angels sing
Hallelujah, The Saviour has come to us
Hallelujah, to Jesus the Christ
Hallelujah, ye nations rejoice
Hallelujah, The Saviour has come to us

Mild He laid his glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth

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