King of Glory

As part of a United Adoration worship songwriting retreat day we were given the task of writing a song based on one of the first 25 psalms of the Bible. We chose Psalm 24 as well as a bit of Psalm 51.

I teamed up with fellow songwriter Olwen Ringrose. We had a creative day and came up with lots of images and ideas – one of them being trying to write a song that hardly used the words ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘us’ but instead focussed squarely upon God.

After receiving feedback from teh rest of the group, we refined things a bit more and are now happy with the song we have written together.

It works better on keyboard (in my opinion) although there is nothing to stop you playing it on guitar or any other instrument – but this is why I asked Olwen to record the demo that you can hear here on the site, as it gives a fuller musicality than what I can achieve on my guitar alone.

We hope this song is a blessing to you and your church. Please feel able to sing it and use it within your church context wherever you may be. If your church subscribes to CCLI, please remember to report any usage of this song as that helps independent writers like Olwen and myself to continue to write and record songs for the glory of Jesus and the benefit of his Church. You can find a free chord chart to download below.

King of Glory

King of Glory

CCLI # 7163736 

Purify my heart
Wash away my sin
Lead me by the hand
Restore me to You

You alone are King forever
Lifted high in majesty
Lord of all, enthroned in splendour
King of Glory
King of Glory

VERSE 2                                                                                               
You are my desire                                                                           
Lord I long for You                                                                          
You are all I need
So I worship You


King of Glory
King of Glory

Matt McChlery, Olwen Ringrose
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