Always and Forever

A simple song I co-wrote with Ryan Baker-Barnes.

It started life as a simple expression of heartfelt worship that Ryan came up with whilst still living in Zimbabwe. At that time it was just the verses that repeated. A few years later I helped to rework it and added the bridge which gives a little lift to the melody.

It explored the idea of Jesus giving his life for us, so we now give our lives to him in return. The divine exchange. The ebb and flow of what it means to be a Christian. As we surrender to Jesus and obey him in all we do – this is what true worship is!

Please do use this song in your church. You can find a free chord chart download at the bottom of the page. Please remember to report your use of the song to CCLI as this helps me to continue to write and record songs for the church. Thank you.

Always and Forever

CCLI Number: 4835895

Jesus I’ll always be Yours
Jesus I’ll always be Yours
You rescued me for eternity
Jesus, I’ll always be Yours

Jesus You’ll always be mine
Jesus You’ll always be mine
You were my sacrifice, You paid the price
Jesus, You’ll always be mine

Always and forever
I am Yours and You are mine
Always and forever
Until the end of time

Ryan Baker-Barnes, Matt McChlery
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