Songcraft: Exploring the Art of Christian Songwriting (Second Edition)


Introducing the second edition of my popular songwriting book ‘Songcraft’.It has been fully revised and contains new chapters as well as revamped chapters from the first edition.

Are you passionate about worship? Do you long to write songs that touch God’s heart and bless His people? Based on his years of experience, Matt McChlery explores the elisive art  of songwriting within a Christian context in a practical and inspirational way. ‘Songcraft’ is packed full of tips and techniques for the Christian songwriter. It will put valuable tools into your hands and will ignite and inspire the creativity within you.

What others are saying:

‘Songwriting is an craft that must be learned. Matt’s book will be helpful to anybody looking to hone their skills as they seek to grow in this gifting’ – Al Gordon, Worship Central

‘Matt writes with the heart of a pastor and the aching feet of a journeyed songwriter, inviting others to join him on the road. His blend of personal stories and practical tips is both inviting and accessible. And his encouragement to pursue God before all else rings loudest of all’ – Joel Payne RESOUNDworship

‘Earthed in his own experience and packed with helpful advice Matt has written a book that demystifies the process of songwriting. I’m sure Songcraft will prove to be a valuable resource to aspiring and seasoned writers alike’ – Dave Bilbrough Worship Leader

‘Whether you’re a novice or have been crafting songs for years, this book will really empower you in your gift’ – Loulita Gill Songwriter


150 pages


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