Book Review: What if we Knew what God knows about us?

Before I start the review of this book, I must admit that I have had this book on my ‘To Be Read’ (TBR) pile for a while. I knew it would be a fantastic book, so I sneakily moved it higher up the pile.

Having read other books by Cris Rogers before, I knew this one wold be good. This one really hit the nail on the head for me. I am an author, so I often get good ideas about what kid of book I could write next. On more than one occasion I have sat down and scribbled down notes and plans to write a book about our identity in Jesus. So when I read this book I just kept saying ‘yes – this is it!’ as it addressed all those thoughts and ponderings I had had about writing such a book myself. But Cris has beaten me to it and I am glad he has – because it is simply wonderfully empowering.

Cris tackles what it means to be ‘born again’ where our citizenship that used to be of this world is exchanged for the citizenship of the Kingdom of God. He speaks of how we are adopted into Jesus’ family and from this position of freedom comes responsibility and authority.

It is the kind of book you know you will be reading again. And is one that I would recommend to Christians at any stage in their discipleship journey – from the new convert right through to those who have been walking with Jesus for decades. The truths and insights contained within the pages are ones every Christian should know and should build into their lives.

Thank you Cris for writing such a great book!

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