A Feast of Faith at Messy Church

On Saturday at Messy Church we explored the Bible story of the Road to Emmaus.

Two disciples were on the walk to Emmaus, they were so entrenched in their depression over the death of Jesus that they didn’t notice it was actually he who joined them on their walk. Despite his trying to open their eyes and their hearts to know for sure that he had indeed risen, even referencing scripture as proof, the two disciples never wavered in their lack of faith. Once invited into their home, Jesus said a blessing and broke bread. Only then were the disciples’ eyes opened to who the stranger really was. The breaking of the bread was the reminder they needed to see the truth. Jesus is alive!

We must use this as a guide to listen to our hearts, open our eyes and believe in our God. He’s always with us and we must not get in our own way when it comes to seeking him. Don’t just travel your own journey, too busy dwelling on life’s let-downs to notice that he’s been walking alongside you the whole time.

[Matt McChlery helps to organise and run the Messy Church in Wisbech and leads the ‘Celebration’ which contains songs, prayer, Bible stories and teaching].

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