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I was invited to visit Wisbech Grammar School on Tuesday. I spoke in the Year 4 Class in their Religious Education lesson.

They are learning about ‘Religions in Our Community’ and I went to tell them about the church I am part of and work for – The King’s Church, Wisbech.

We explored the idea that ‘church’ is not a building but is made up of a group of people who love Jesus who meet together, worship together and work together.

I talked about various activities the church does as well as how we are involved in our local community.

We then sung a song from Messy Church – which was great fun!

The children were polite and receptive and asked very sensible questions.

Thanks for having me.

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Speaker, author, songwriter and musician Matt McChlery has a passion for pointing people towards Jesus. Having survived a bout with cancer in 2016, he tries to make every day count. Find our more about Matt McChlery's music and ministry on his website.

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